Stress is generally thought of as a negative syndrome that needs to be avoided. This is not surprising when one investigates stress, realizing that research has been preoccupied with its adverse affects. However, Han Seyle - one of the original stress pioneers states that "the only escape from stress is death." If this is the case, then as we all know, there is a lot more to life than just distress, death, and coping; there is a positive side to stress. A side that tells a tale of exploration, challenge, mastery,  fun, success, and above all, happiness.

Everyone understands the negative side of stress, correctly referred to as distress (dis=bad). Only a few however, are aware of the positive stress, namely Eustress (eu=good). This site is dedicated to the positive stress in our lives: what it is, how to foster it, and how to savour it.

Here is to eustressing times - Have fun Jay McLean PhD